TV Puppet Bootcamp (grades 9-12, 35 students max) 

The perfect workshop for drama, theatre, AV tech, and film studies classes. Your students will spend a class period learning from a professional television and theatre puppeteer! They'll learn drills, skills,  techniques, and exercises to help them as actors and filmmakers. 



Cost: $150 per Class Period.

IMPROV Survey (grades 9-12, 35 Students max) 

Students will learn the foundational skills of improv and begin to sharpen the dramatic tools that will help them on stage and in the classroom. They'll spend a class period learning from an Atlanta improv veteran. They'll work on the ideas of acceptance, agreement, emotional intelligence, and creativity.    

GA Standards: TAHSA.PR.1, TAHSA.RE.1, TAHSA.RE.2, TAHSA.CN.1  

Cost: $120 per Class Period.

Puppetry in the Classroom (Educators, PLC, PLU) 

Pump up your classroom with puppetry! Whether you're a Drama, AV Tech, Art, or Elementary teacher, this workshop will give you ideas, inspiration, and hands-on experience in injecting puppetry in your lessons. We'll talk about activities, materials, building techniques, technology, resources, and most importantly, we'll play with puppets!  Runtime: 2 Hours  


Cost: $300 per workshop.