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Spizz inherited a music repair business from his uncle that he runs right out of his own house. He fixes instruments . . . musical instruments! He travels all over to help his fellow musicians out when they need help with their instruments; giving them a ticket number, bringing the instruments back to his house and getting them back to them in tip-top shape with absolutely no issues or problems ever...

Or at least he wishes

Spizz is great at fixing animal, monster, and even alien instruments, but he always needs help from real-world musicians when it comes to making sure the people instruments get back to the customers like they're supposed to. His great Uncle Fritz would be proud!


In each episode, he'll learn where those instruments come from, how people play them, where people play them, how to fix them, and most they sound! He'll also learn about alllllll the different genres of music there are out there.


8 BIT is Spizz's computer compadre! It's not only an expert instrument tuner, but it also keeps a database of musicians just in case Spizz needs professional advice (which is almost always)..

8 B!t

SPIZZ is an instrument repair monster who's always happy to help! He's always a glass half-kinda-full monster, even when problems arise. 

  • 5-7 Minute mostly scripted Video Shorts

  • Combination of Puppetry and Animation, accompanied by live actors 

  • Shot on mini sound stage and on location in Atlanta, Savannah, and surrounding south-east cities.

  • Original Music Produced in house, and with featured musicians.

  • Scripted with certified K-12, performing arts, and special education teachers 

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